Hope College Application for Readmission
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    We are looking forward to working you again. This is the application is for students who previously enrolled as a degree seeking student at Hope College.

    Your transcripts are required from all colleges/universities attended since enrollment at Hope College.

    Your application must be submitted to the Office of Admissions a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the term you anticipate enrolling.

    After submitting this application, you will receive a confirmation message. Should you require assistance with this application, please contact Application Support.
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  • Additional Coursework Designation
    • The readmission process includes a review of any coursework completed at other colleges and/or universities since your Hope enrollment. If you enrolled at another college since leaving Hope, please complete the following information and request that each institution send an official transcript to the Hope College Registrar's Office.

      If you attended more than one institution, you can enter additional institutions by clicking 'Add Another Response'. Only one school should be designated as the most recently attended.

      Did you enroll at another College and/or University since leaving Hope College?
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      • You may find it helpful to arrange an interview with an admissions representative by contacting the Office of Admissions: 616.395.7850 or
      • We want to be helpful with your transition back to Hope College. If you withdrew from Hope College due to any physical or emotional reasons, the College reserves the right to request a letter of clearance from your physician and/or counselor.
      • Please note that readmission does not guarantee either housing or off-campus status. This is handled individually for students based on circumstances taking into consideration number of credits, housing availability and age.

      Financial Aid
      If you would like to learn about your financial aid status or options, please contact the Hope College Financial Aid Office: 616.395.7765 or The following items will be important to have available and updated:
      • Hope College ID Number
      • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
      • Hope College Supplemental Application for Financial Aid (SAF)
      Enrollment Deposit
      Upon approval, a $300 enrollment deposit is required after readmission to reserve a space. 

      I certify that the items in this application have been filled out completely and correctly and, if readmitted, I agree to observe all rules and regulations of Hope College.

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