Hope College Dance Department
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  • Any applicant applying for the Distinguished Artist Award in Dance must have submitted an application for admission to Hope College. 

    Please visit Scholarship and Audition Schedule for more information. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship or audition schedule, please contact the dance department at 616.395.7700 or via email.  

    Please complete the form below to schedule your audition. This form does require a Head shot (hair in a bun), the name and email address of your current dance instructor and a one page essay addressing: What is it about the dance program at Hope that interests and excites you? Please have these items available prior to completing this form.

    Recipients of the scholarship will be announced the first week of March 2019. This scholarship is not offered to transfer students.

    Before you begin, please note: Once you begin the application, do not refresh or close your tab, window or browser or you will lose all entered data. Applicants are encouraged to have all items accessible (headshot, essay response and information of dance instructor) prior to completing this application.
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  • Dance Instructor Recommendation - Current Dance Instructor
    Please provide the contact information below for your current dance instructor. An email will be sent to this individual on your behalf requesting a letter of recommendation.
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    Please upload both your head shot (hair in a bun) and one-page essay. Please include "head shot" in the file name for the head shot and "essay" in the file name for the one-page essay. Each file will need to be uploaded separately.
    • You will receive a confirmation email once this form has been submitted.

      If you require assistance with this application, please contact Application Support.